We at Hostobed provide common laboratory tests that include a-z blood tests that include blood glucose test, iron studies Vitamin D, B12 tests, complete blood count, prothrombin time, lipid panel, liver panel, hemoglobin, urinalysis etc. regular blood test is important to keep track of physical health. For regular lab tests or complete body health check-up we have affordable packages available. With these results we allow you to make informed decisions about your health.

We set up clinical labs in our network hospitals to conduct onside testing as per the hospital requirements for inpatients and outpatients. Our medical lab professionals process the tests and provide information that is vital to patient’s health. They are trained to have the best knowledge and skills to perform lab tests. 

Laboratory services at Hostobed will be provided 24×7 with a primary focus on quality results. With leading-edge technology, we pride to provide rapid test results with superior customer service. Hostobed hospitals and networks offer various tests designed for the identification of infectious diseases and unusual microbial pathogens. Explore the most common tests offered at our network hospitals.

Our lab features
  • Complete range of lab tests for the identification of unusual conditions.
  • Expert consultants in the areas of microbiology, bacteriology, virology with good experience.
  • Diagnose a broad range of medical conditions through various types of tests.
  • State of art test equipment and a team of highly qualified doctors.

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