CT scan or computed tomography is a medical imaging method engaging in the medical industry to demonstrate various bodily structures. It is created with x ray views taken from different angles. It helps spot unusual medical conditions and complex bone fractures. They can help locate blood clots, infections etc. with proper treatment plans and surgeries our expert doctors can cure the problems.

We at hostobed, have various forms of CT scans to find irregularities in brain and other body parts. This scans guide surgeons when doing complicated surgeries. The actual time of the scan may vary from few seconds to minutes We work to tailor individual diagnostic needs of patients.

At our CT scan unit, we have various facilities like CT Urography, PET CT scan etc for various needs of patients. PET CT scan is used for staging sensitive disease like cancers and allows the physician to decide on patient’s management for further medical process. We have experienced senior doctors with experience in large number of scan records.  Book Fee OPD to get a quote for an affordable CT scan.

We have affordable CT scan facilities available at our network hospitals near you. We offer free OPD to discuss the illness and medical conditions and guide you to proceed for the medical procedures to treat the same. With our advance service in CT scanswe offer quality patient care. Our aim is to provide best lab services to treat the patient with care and bring technology driven diagnosis.