Pregnancy is a wonderful journey for a woman and her family and filled with choices and decisions. We assist you in this to bring it a memorable experience. We provide quality childbirth assistance in international standards. We follow natural childbirth techniques to help you have a healthy baby.

At Hostobed we provide birth care options during the labour. We allow you to make birth plans when you are in labour and give birth. These include things like choosing a person to be with you in labour, the option of having a baby at hospital or birth center, pain relief during labour etc.

Pregnancy health is very important for a woman to deliver a healthy child. We ensure every pregnant woman a positive journey during delivery and post-delivery. Maternity services at Hostobed include 24×7 care, fetal monitoring, painless labour, high risk pregnancy care etc. We aim to provide positive birthing experience for every woman. Even at the labour complications, our doctors make you well prepared for childbirth.

Our labour rooms are spacious and with the latest equipment. We have a dedicated team of best maternity doctors and professional midwives. Our doctors assist you in a range of nutrition and yoga to help you enjoy natural childbirth. Our team is committed to providing safe and high-quality care to women and the fetal. After the child birth, we care for the first few days of mother and baby like taking tests that include vitamin k at birth, neonatal screening test, newborn hearing test jaundice test etc.